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"Il voulait voguer en mer d'Iroise, les ancres rouillées.

Les baleines, la belle turquoise, les coffres oubliés.

Les sirènes, les belles sournoises, les grands voiliers.

Mais il promène sa vie en Seine et Oise, dans une Simca rouillée."


Alain Souchon, Le Marin 


À propos

A few words about these necklaces...

This collection of children's necklaces has been conceived and created as a hymn to marine nature, to the calm that emanates from it, to the serenity of these animals that carry within them the hope of a gentle yet powerful nature. The combination of yarns mainly made of wool and cotton with different types of relatively sober pearls calls for a natural style. The combination of wool, cotton and pearls calls for a natural style. Wearing this necklace is a sign of belonging and support for this fascinating marine environment which, with the powerful breath of its embers, will always intoxicate the dreams and hopes of the sailors at heart. 

Each animal is hand crocheted with high quality knitting yarns by me in Switzerland. It is then assembled with wooden beads, sometimes with seed beads, fabric or stone. The cylindrical wooden and fabric beads are also made by me. Each necklace is unique. 

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