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Collection Wild & Nordic

Binomial Nomenclature :                              Canis lupus

Population in Switzerland :  80 Individuals in 2020

Conservation Status IUCN :                 Least concern

World distribution :



Native American legend of the two wolves

This is the story of a child who, like all children, plays, dreams and asks himself many questions.
One day, after an argument with his best friend, he goes to see his grandfather, the village chief.
He asks him "Tell me, Grandfather, what is a Man?
So his grandfather, with his words, takes him on a journey.
He tells him about huge territories, known and unknown, about the wolves found there.
He explains to him that on the one hand there is the black wolf, dark, manipulative, envious, angry, snarling and threatening, which howls at night, hides, fights with some and devours others, terrifies, dominates through fear and kills.
And on the other hand, he tells her that there is also the white wolf, welcoming, fair, joyful, supportive and brotherly. Peaceful, lucid, he protects his own and supports others, attentive, generous and trusting.
Then he says to her: "You see, Man has these two wolves within him. Each of us has a black wolf and a white wolf inside us, and they are always fighting each other.
The child thinks about it and asks him: "...and which one wins?"
Then the old man answers him gently:
"The one who wins, ...... is the one you feed."

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