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Fiber Animals

Les Jardins de Salomon is an online showcase of fiber art animals 30 – 40 cm tall and textile-based decorative objects, entirely designed and handmade by me. Each creation is a long and meticulous process - from pattern designing and mannequin pinning to making the clothes and accessories. If the first and second steps bring  the animal’s softness and vivacity to life, the final third step makes it Lovable.  In fact, the painstaking work involved here entails hunting for the just-right fabric, buttons, yarns and beads that make the creation sparkle, giving it the expression of its unique personality. Nurtured by my passion for materials, my choices have no limitation but for their quality and end result. They are materials I am personally drawn to,  by their texture, patterns and colours, or the story they tell. This is why each one presented below has several features that require explanation so you can feel a minute part of the creative process, its focus on the quality of the materials, their associations – and allow yourself to dare fall under the spell of the enchanting cloth animal, designed and handcrafted in Switzerland.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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