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Eloïse Jacopin-Bucher

Born into a family of artists and artisans in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland,  little wonder I inherited a creative mind and a passion for working with diverse materials, apparent from early childhood. In tandem with studies of ergotherapy then anthropology, I kept on expanding my manual skills and honing my creative vein. Settling in the town of Neuchâtel, my husband’s native canton, I unexpectedly found myself in a region with special sensitivity to the textile sector embedded in its industrial history, perceptible especially in the Neuchâtel mountains area with its School of Applied Arts in La Chaux-de-Fonds, specialty shops catering to the growing number of artisans and artists who enhance the revival of the Swiss Handmade phenomenon.  As I felt compelled to learn more about the cultural, historical and economic values linked to the regional artisan textile market, I researched it from an anthropological outlook and dually set up my own small enterprise from 2014, designing and handcrafting fiber art animals and decorative objects - thus also taking part in the regional Swiss Handmade market.  Self-taught in stitching and textile association, I often find my inspiration for patterns from the tender, romantic and Bohemian worlds of Jane Austin and Beatrix Potter. Both my anthropology background and impassioned involvement in the artisanal textile market of the Neuchâtel mountains have enabled me to gain a firm foothold within a network of creator-artisans, specialized yarn and fabric shops, notion shops rich in diverse materials (yarns, fabrics, buttons - special and rare such as glass buttons and lace dating back to the early twentieth century). These gems finalise my creations, making them particularly special - elegant, one-of-a-kind and original - that I invite you to discover.

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